Tuesday, July 13, 2010

okay i know it has been forever since i posted ANYTHING so i'm just going to do a 5 minute catch up.

i was promoted at qwest. i used to take billing calls and occasionally sell things. now i work in our VMDU group and essentially place new orders for our customers that live in apartments with contracts w/ Qwest and DircTv. i love it. i don't answer billing crap and i get more responsibility and more of a chance of keeping my job when this merger completes

I am thinking of hiring a housekeeper because my house is going to crap and neither mike nor myself have time or energy to take care of it.

i'm super excited for august because i turn 21, and when we go to bear lake with my family i am going to propose to mike. (i know this is a sensitive subject for some so when i find out if we are getting hitched i will let everyone know and you guys can let me know if you want to be invited.)

so that's kinda my life in a nutshell. sorry there aren't any pictures. if you really want to see some recent ones go to my facebook.

time for work. have fun everybody.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

East Coast Vacation

I promised that I'd update when I got time, so here comes the first topic.
At the end of June we went to visit Mike's family whom are spread throuthout New jersey and Pennsylvania, then we took an afternoon trip to New York. I'm going to post the link to my myspace so you can see the ENTIRE collection if you'd like. it's myspace.com/scooboy (click the pics tab)

More To Come

I'm sorry I've neglected my blog for so long. I have lots to ramble about when I get more than ten minutes.

First off I turn 20 on August 10th, I quit the macaroni grill and was working at ihop and quit there (i'll elaborate), mike and I went on an 11 day vacation to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York (pictures and stories to come), we finally finished the majority of our backyard (pictures to come) we have a roommate now, and to top it all off we found a surrogate (still have to work around legal issues but I'll keep you posted)

So needless to say my next couple of posts are going to be exciting. I just hope I can do them all justice with such a short amount of spare time.

Does anyone know of job openings (entry level) in salt lake, centerville, north salt lake, or west valley city?

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been a while

I got scolded the other day because I haven't updated in a while. I've been meaning to... really I have.

Life in Salt Lake is as good as I remember, except now I'm paying for more things for our house.
We'll start with the vinyl fencing. We have a neighbor on each side of us who needed fencing in their yards so we struck a deal. We pay half of the price for each fence that we share with them. Costing a grand total of $2,000 to fence in our large backyard. Not too shabby.

Do you remember those toys called K'NEX? Well I ran across mine while I was unpacking some boxes the other day and decided to get in touch with my younger days again as you can see

In addition to my revisited childhood me and Mike went to our first yoga class. have you ever done one of those classes? They are EXHAUSTING but very calming... and we're going back again next week. We need all the stress relief we can get.
Does anyone know any good recipes for entrees & desserts? I am thinking of going to culinary school and want to test out a few more recipes before I take the plunge. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, February 16, 2009


So for V-Day I made Mike the chocolate vase. 3 bags of chocolate chips later. I filled it with candy and things that I love about him. He was very excited to open each one. I should have gotten a picture of him while unwrapping them. Then there were the roses. After the excitement we decided to go plant shopping (the house needed color) so 15 plants later we bought pots and new soil and spent all day repotting them. It was quite fun actually (I didn't even mind getting my hands dirty)

So needless to say it was eventful. I honestly think the plants were my favorite. I can't wait for the big move so that we can do more projects like these. I really need to be more adventurous. Wish me luck on that upcoming quest.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

making of THE chocolate bowl

so i was at work the other day and all excited about my newly founded blog so i was spreading the word for everyone to go check it. well i told them it was chrishansen.blogspot NOT chrislhansen.blogspot so i forgot about the L, cause i apparently started a blog in '05 that i never ever started to write in. so anyways moral of the story is that everyone said it was empty and i had an emotional crisis. but then i found it, and it was good, and it was funny!

So I saw the food channel the other day and they made bowls out of chocolate. it's really fun! get a bag of chocolate chips, wax paper, and balloons. melt some chocolate chips in the microwave for 1 min. stir till smooth and let cool while blowing up a balloon. carefully spread the WARM chocolate on the bottom of the balloon with a spoon. about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the balloon and throw a gob on the wax paper to form a base. set the balloon in the gob and let cool for 2 hours. snip a small hole at the top by the knot and let it deflate (on it's own or it'll shatter) when it is done carefully pull the balloon out. now comes the fun part of my first experience with these. i forgot to let the chocolate cool before i put it on the balloon. so in my mom's new kitchen i popped a chocolate covered balloon. it went everywhere. the ceiling, the stove, my coat across the room, even on the white dog (poor sadie). funny thing is that i was wearing a white shirt and it was unscathed! (???)

so for v-day i'm making a chocolate vase for mike and filling it with candy and a list of things that i like about him. what do ya think? not too bad for a broke v-day present.

by the way since i'm on a tangent i'm gonna spill my heart. i invited my extended family to follow my blogs and i don't want them to be offended by me talking about mike but i don't want to offend myself either. i love you all and i hope that you understand. i can't post about my life without mentioning that i am in a relationship. i'm not going to post anything mushy or whatever but i'm not going to avoid it either, as i hope you'd do the same. you can't keep up to date with a family member without hearing about the significant other every once in a while.

Thanks for following the tangent. my pillow is calling my name... more like screaming it. goodnight!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I finally decided to get one of these blasted things. I saw my sisters' pages and decided I'd give it a shot. So I'm not exactly sure what to write in here but I'm bound and determined to write about my life at least once a week.

So starting off. I'm 19. 08/10/1989. I have three sisters: Kellie (married with three kids), Lindsay (married with one), Michelle, and then there's me... In order of oldest to youngest. So being the youngest has goods and bads. Good is that I'm spoiled, bad is that everyone likes to have an input on my decisions (probably comes from having 2 strong willed sisters-who I secretly love.)

So I'm totally head over heels in love... with music. It is my reason for living, I'll probably die because of it too. I want to get a degree in music teaching and performance (piano and vocal). I'm in the process of starting a male quintet (kinda like the King's Singers. [youtube them!]) So in addition to working on an extensive performance repertoire, I'm also starting to teach piano students. YAY! If you know of anyone needing lessons I charge $10-15 depending on the level and time requirements.

In addition to music I am fond of a very special guy named Mike West. He lights up my day. Mike works for Flying J driving a double tanker from North Salt Lake to Duchesne and back every day...kinda boring but it pays the bills. :)

So I think I did pretty well for my first time on an actual blog. Go team! :) Till next week... or possibly sooner